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フィンランド共和国(フィンランドきょうわこく、フィンランド語: Suomen tasavalta、スウェーデン語: Republiken Finland)、通称フィンランドは、北ヨーロッパに位置する共和制国家。北欧諸国のひとつであり、西はスウェーデン、北はノルウェー、東はロシアと隣接し、南はフィンランド湾を挟んでエストニアが位置する。首都はヘルシンキ。


The "Finland" Republic of Finland (Finnish きょうわこく, Finnish:)
Suomen tasavalta, Swedish:
The republican form of government nation where Republiken Finland), popular name Finland are located in the Northern Europe.
It is one of Nordic countries, and, in the west, in Sweden, the north, Norway, the east are adjacent with Russia, and the south sandwiches the Finnish gulf, and Estonia is located.
The capital is Helsinki.


Republic of Finland (Finland bodied, Finnish: Suomen tasavalta, Swedish: Republiken Finland), commonly known as Finland, republic located in Northern Europe. It is one of the Nordic countries, west Sweden, the north is adjacent to Norway, east and Russia, south Estonia is located across the Gulf of Finland. The capital is Helsinki.


Finland (today's Finland WAKOKU, Finland language : Suomen tasavalta and Swedish : Republiken Finland) and common name Finland are a republicanism state located in Northern Europe. Norway and the east are one in the Nordic countries and neighbor Russia in Sweden and the north in west, and Estonia is located in the south around Finland bay. The capital is Helsinki.



ノルウェー王国(ノルウェーおうこく, ノルウェー語: Kongeriket Norge/Noreg)、通称ノルウェーは、北ヨーロッパのスカンディナビア半島西岸に位置する立憲君主制国家である。首都は半島南端部に存在するオスロフィヨルドの奥に形成された港湾都市のオスロである。東にスウェーデン、ロシア、フィンランドと国境を接する。


The "Norway" Kingdom of Norway (body, Norwegian to chase in Norway:)
Kongeriket Norge/Noreg), popular name Norway are constitutional monarchy nations located in the Scandinavia peninsula west coast of the Northern Europe.
It is Oslo of the harbor city where the capital was formed in the depths of the Oslo fjord which there is in the department at the south end of a peninsula.
It is bordered by Sweden, Russia, Finland to the east.
In the country, the shoreline faces plural sea areas of North Atlantic Ocean namely the Skagerrak, the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea into long pieces to the north and south.
In the shoreline, many fjords develop.
In addition, the Jan Mayen Island on North Atlantic Ocean approximately 1,000km away from the Norwegian mainland is possessed as some peculiar territories and possesses Svalbard archipelago of the Barents Sea by Svalbard treaty again.
I have ブーベ Island as soil in South Atlantic Ocean.


Norway (Norway, Norwegian: Kongeriket Norge / Noreg), commonly known as Norway is a constitutional monarchy located in Scandinavia west coast of Northern Europe. It is the capital of Oslo of the port city, which is formed in the back of the Oslo Fjord present in the peninsula southern end. Contact with Sweden, Russia, Finland and the border to the east.
Country is elongated from north to south, a number of waters of the coast line is the North Atlantic, ie Skagerrak, North Sea, facing the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. The coastline, many of the fjord to development. In addition, Jan Mayen island above the North Atlantic to a distance of about 1,000km from the Norwegian mainland is sovereignty as part of the territory, also, have sovereignty over the Svalbard Islands of the Barents Sea by the Svalbard Treaty. In the South Atlantic with the Bouvet Island as a dependent territory.


The Kingdom of Norway (I run after Norway, thick, Norwegian : Kongeriket Norge/Noreg) and common name Norway are a constitutional monarchy state located in the Scandinavian Peninsula west coast in Northern Europe. The capital is Oslo in a formed harbor city in the inside in the Oslo fiord which exists in a peninsular southern extremity department. In the east, Sweden, Russia, Finland and the border, I touch.
The country is slender in north and south and or more than one area of sea in the North Atlantic is facing the Skagerrak sediment, the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea in a coastline. Many fiords develop into a coastline. Additionally Jan Mai En island on the North Atlantic where it's about 1000 km away from the Norway mainland is possessed as the part of the peculiar territory also SUVARUBARU islands in Barents Sea are possessed by a SUVARUBARU treaty. I have Bouvet island in the South Atlantic Ocean as a territory.



スウェーデン王国(スウェーデンおうこく、スウェーデン語: Sv-Konungariket Sverige.ogg Konungariket Sverige[ヘルプ/ファイル])、通称スウェーデンは、北ヨーロッパのスカンディナヴィア半島に位置する立憲君主制国家。西にノルウェー、北東にフィンランド、南西にカテガット海峡を挟んでデンマーク、東から南にはバルト海が存在する。首都はストックホルム。スウェーデン語ではSverige(スヴェーリエ)といい、スヴェーア族の国を意味する。



The "Sweden" Kingdom of Sweden (body, Swedish to chase in Sweden:)
The constitutional monarchy nation where Sv-Konungariket Sverige.ogg Konungariket Sverige[ help / file]), popular name Sweden are located in the Scandinavia peninsula of the Northern Europe.
The Baltic Sea exists southwest northeast to the south from Denmark, the east across Kattegat Finland Norway to the west.
The capital is Stockholm.
I say Sverige (スヴェーリエ) in Swedish and mean the country of the スヴェーア group.
The existing royal families are people of ベルナドッテ.
Population flowed out into the United States of America from a person of interest in later big recession for approximately half a century.
Then a clearing system was enacted, and the Nobel Prize was founded and participated in an information war of World War I and let national strategy modernize.
When I am crowned, the each generation king becomes the custom to express one's rule as a motto [2].
I am told that the Wallenbergs supported the economy of this country from modern times.
The above-mentioned family produces a director of the Nobel Foundation.
Progress of electric power company X fall is outstanding now.
On the other hand, the foreign capital that is almost the total sum of the family budget supports Sweden for the actual situation [3].
In addition, Sweden is one of the countries where the introduction of the consecutive numbering of the whole population system is the earliest.


Sweden (Sweden, Swedish: Sv-Konungariket Sverige.ogg Konungariket Sverige [Help / file]), commonly known as Sweden, constitutional monarchy nation is located in the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. Across Norway, Finland in the northeast, the Kattegat Strait in the southwest to west Denmark, to the south from the east there is the Baltic Sea. Capital of Stockholm. Called the Sverige (Suverie) is in Swedish, means Suvea group countries.
The current royal family Bernadotte family. Population to the United States has been flowing out in large recession after about half a century than Kyoka. Then or can clearing system, or Nobel Prize is founded, with or participate in the information warfare of the First World War, it was modernized the national strategy. Kings is when to get to the throne, has become a habit to express as a motto of his reign [2].
The country's economy is said to Varenberi home from modern has been supported. Doie has produced a director of the Nobel Foundation. Currently noticeable breakthrough of power company Vattenfall. On the other hand, as the actual foreign capital close to the total amount of household is supporting the Sweden [3].
In addition, Sweden is one of the earliest countries to introduce a gross national jersey number system.


Sweden (I run after Sweden, thick, Swedish : Sv-Konungariket Sverige.ogg Konungariket Sverige [help/filing]) and common name Sweden are a constitutional monarchy state located in Scandinavia peninsula in Northern Europe. The Baltic Sea exists in the south from Denmark and the east around a KATEGATTO strait in Finland and the southwest in Norway and the northeast in west. The capital is Stockholm. A country of Sverige (SUVERIE) and the good SUVEA group is meant by Swedish.
A present royal family is BERUNADOTTE person. Half a century was back great depression more than Okiie, and the population flowed to the United States of America. Nobel prize could do clearing house system, and was founded, participated in an information competition of World War I and made them modernize a state strategy. When a successive generations king mounts the throne, it's the way expressed with the motto of the government [2].
It's said that Bahraini Belli family has supported this national economy from the modern times. The said house produces a director of Nobel foundation. Progress of power company BATTENFORU stands out at present. On the other hand, foreign capital near the total amount of the household budget is supporting Sweden as the reality [3].
Further, introduction of national dossier system is the earliest national one in Sweden.




"Switzerland" Swiss Confederation (Swiss れんぽう), popular name Switzerland are federal republican form of government nations in the Europe.
It is a permanently neutral country, but I join European Free Trade Association, and a Swiss hired soldier acts as the Vatican sentry.
It is located in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the inland among Liechtenstein.
The headquarters of many international organizations is put in the country.
A capital is Bern city.
The major cities Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne.


Switzerland (Switzerland), commonly known as Switzerland, federal republic in Europe. It permanently neutral state, but, in addition to being a member of the European Free Trade Association, the guards of the Vatican City State has served as Swiss mercenaries.
Germany, France, Italy, Austria, located in the inland surrounded by Liechtenstein. It is located the headquarters of many international organizations in the country. Capital Bern City. Major cities, Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne.


Switzerland (Switzerland REN POU) and common name Switzerland are the federal republicanism state in Europe. It's a permanently neutral country, but a Swiss hired soldier is serving as the other guards in Vatican City who join European Free Trade Association.
It's located in the inland circled by Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. A head office of many international organizations is put in the country. The capital is Bern city. A metropolis, Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne.



ポーランド共和国(ポーランドきょうわこく、ポーランド語: Rzeczpospolita Polska)、通称ポーランドは、中央ヨーロッパに位置する共和制国家。欧州連合 (EU) 、北大西洋条約機構 (NATO) の加盟国。通貨はズウォティ。首都はワルシャワ。

The "Poland" Republic of Poland (Polish きょうわこく, Polish:)
The republican form of government nation where Rzeczpospolita Polska), popular name Poland are located in the Central Europe.
European Union (EU)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
の member nation.
The currency is a zloty.
The capital is Warsaw.
The north faces the Baltic Sea, and, in the northeast, in enclave Kaliningrad, Russia and Lithuania, the east, in Belarus and Ukraine, the south, Czech and Slovakia, the west are bordered by Germany.
I am recognized nationally in the tenth century and form the Poland Republic of Lithuania which was one of the very large countries in Europe from the 16th century through the 17th century.
In the 18th century, a country is divided over four times by a neighboring country and becomes extinct.
After World War I, I became independent in 1918, but I refused prior negotiations from Nazis Germany and the Soviet Union, and, at the time of World War II, it was invaded by the two countries, and a country was divided again.
In 1952, it revived in national sovereignty after the war as the Polish People's Republic and, in 1989, became the republic by democratization.
For the cold war era, I assumed it a communist country of the puppet government [3] under influence of the Soviet Union, and it was with one country of the satellite of the Soviet Union most important at the maximum [4], and it was with the member of the east side countries politically.
After the democratization of country and east side countries and collapse and Eastern Europe revolution of the Soviet Union, it comes to be classified in a past among Central Europe or Central Europe again as local Central-Eastern Europe that was Eastern Europe.


Republic of Poland (Poland bodied, Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polska), commonly known as Poland, republic located in Central Europe. European Union (EU), member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Currency PLN. The capital is Warsaw.
North is facing the Baltic Sea, the north-east the Russian enclave Kaliningrad and Lithuania, the east Belarus and Ukraine, the south is the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the West is in contact with the German and the border.
It is recognized as a nation in the 10th century, forming the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was one of the vast country in Europe over a period of from 16 century to 17 century. 18 century, extinction is divided country is by neighboring countries over a period of 4 degrees.
After the First World War, but became independent in 1918, during the Second World War, it has been invaded to reject the pre-negotiation from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union the two countries, has been divided again national land. After the war in 1952, the revival of the national sovereignty as the Polish People's Republic, in 1989, became a republic by democratization. During the Cold War, the communist puppet regime [3] under the influence of the Soviet Union Social countries and to become a nation of the most important Soviet satellite countries in the maximum [4], became a member of the East also political. Through the democratization and collapse and the revolutions of 1989 in the Soviet Union of domestic and eastern countries, in there areas in Eastern Europe in the past out of Central Europe or Central Europe is adapted to be classified again as Eastern Europe.


Poland (today's Poland WAKOKU and Polish : Rzeczpospolita Polska) and common name Poland are a republicanism state located in Chuo Europe. Member country of EU (EU) and Nato (NATO). A currency is ZUWOTI. The capital is Warsaw.
The scattered territory Kaliningrad province, Lithuania and the east the north faces the Baltic Sea and where the northeast is Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the south, Czech Republic, Slovakia and west, Germany and the border, I touch.
Poland and Lithuania which were recognized as a state and were 1 of vast countries by Europe from the 16th century to the 17th century in the 10th century are formed. In the 18th century, a country is divided and becomes extinct by a neighboring country over 4 times.
It became independent in 1918 after World War I, but a country refused the time of Second World War and preliminary negotiations from Nazis Germany and Soviet and was invaded by both countries, and was divided again. National sovereignty was chosen as a recovery, 1989 and democratization as Polish People's Republic in 1952 after the war, and it was a republic. The cold war era was made communist nation of puppet government [3] under the influence of the Soviet, and it was biggest, was a country of the most important satellite in the Soviet and became political with a member of East various countries. It's classified again as East Europe in the area which was East Europe in the past among the central Europe or the central Europe via democratization in the country and East various countries, a collapse of the Soviet and an East European revolution.



チェコ共和国(チェコきょうわこく、チェコ語: ?eska republika)、通称チェコは、中央ヨーロッパの共和制国家。首都はプラハ。


The "Czech" Czech Republic (Czech きょうわこく, Czech:)
?eska republika), popular name Czech are republican form of government nations of the Central Europe.
The capital is Prague.
It was a country of the Central Europe historically from the point when I had a concept of Central Europe.
After invasion of the Soviet Union, it has been classified in Eastern Europe politically.
After extinction of the European Communist bloc, it is classified in Central Europe or Central-Eastern Europe again.
The country does slim hexagon to the east and west, and, in the north, in Poland, the east, in Slovakia, the south, Austria, the west are bordered by Germany.
Czechoslovakia divided into Czech and Slovakia in 1993 and was established.
At NATO, EU, a member nation of the OECD, it is the member of the ヴィシェグラード group consisting of Central Europe four countries.


Czech Republic (Czech Republic bodied, Czech:? Eska republika), commonly known as the Czech Republic, a central European republic. The capital is Prague.
Historically was a country of Central Europe from the point at which has the concept of Central Europe. After the invasion of the Soviet Union, the political have been classified into Eastern Europe. After the disappearance of the European communist bloc, it is medium-Central Europe or again fall into Eastern Europe. Land, has an elongated hexagonal shape from east to west, north Poland, east Slovakia, southern Austria, the West is in contact with the German and the border.
Czechoslovakia in 1993, has been established to separate the Czech Republic and Slovakia. NATO, some EU, the OECD member countries, also a member of the Visegrad Group, which consists of Central Europe four countries.


"Czech Republic"
Czech Republic (today's Czech Republic WAKOKU and Czech Republic language : ?eska republika) and common name Czech Republic are a republicanism state in Chuo Europe. The capital is Prague.
A concept in central Europe was a country in central Europe historically from the time which could be done. After an invasion of the Soviet, it has been classified into East Europe politically. After extinction of a European communist society, it's classified into central Europe or Naka East Europe again. A country makes the slender hexagonal-shaped east and west, the north, Poland and the east, Slovakia and the south, Austria and west, Germany and the border, I touch.
Czechoslovakia was separate in Czech Republic and Slovakia and was formed in 1993. I'm also a member of a VISHEGURADO group which consists of 4 countries of central Europe at a signatory power of NATO, EU and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.



ポルトガル共和国(ポルトガルきょうわこく、ポルトガル語: Republica Portuguesa、ミランダ語:Republica Pertuesa)、通称ポルトガルは、西ヨーロッパのイベリア半島に位置する共和制国家である。北と東にスペインと国境を接し、国境線の総延長は1,214kmに及ぶ。西と南は大西洋に面している。ヨーロッパ大陸部以外にも、大西洋上にアソーレス諸島とマデイラ諸島を領有している。首都はリスボン。


The Portuguese Republic (Portuguese きょうわこく, Portuguese:)
Republica Portuguesa, Miranda word:
Republica Pertuesa), popular name Portugal are republican form of government nations located in the Iberian Peninsula of West Europe.
It is bordered by Spain to the north and the east, and the total extension of the borderline extends to 1,214km.
The west and the south face the Atlantic.
As well as a European Continent part, I possess アソーレス archipelago and Madeira on the Atlantic.
The capital is Lisbon.


Portugal (Portugal bodied, Portuguese: Republica Portuguesa, Miranda Spanish: Republica Pertuesa), commonly known as Portugal is a republic located in the Iberian Peninsula of Western Europe. To the north and east by Spain and the border, the total length of the border line up to 1,214km. West and south facing the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to the European mainland, it has sovereignty over the Azores and Madeira Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital is Lisbon.


Portugal (today's Portugal WAKOKU, Portuguese : Republica Portuguesa and Miranda language :Republica Pertuesa) and common name Portugal are a republicanism state located in Iberian Peninsula in Western Europe. In the north and the east, Spain and the border, the total length of the borderline touches and comes to 1,214km. The west and the south are facing the Atlantic. ASORESU islands and Madeira islands are also possessed in Onishi on the ocean besides the European Continent part. The capital is Lisbon.